American Record Guide review (Donald Vroon) “The Conductor (Ling) knew exactly what to do to get them to play like angels, and they did (gorgeous tone all around). And as far as interpretation goes, this was the best Mahler Third I have ever heard – on records or in the concert hall. ….. The final climaxes were of the kind that reduces me to uncontrollable sobbing-never has it made more of an effect.  How does Ling do it? Everything was perfectly judged; nothing was overdone, there were no exaggerations, but still everything made the maximum effect.  This is some kind of genius. Either that or heart- or both.  He had certainly penetrated to the heart of this sprawling 100-minute work, and he communicated it to the musicians, who played every phrase as if they meant it and put the music whole-heartedly to the audience.  It was deeply moving and the kind of conducting that leaves one speechless (I was for quite some time afterward).”